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Design Folio
Private, more recent work

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steve keane


Design Folio
Public, older work
steve keane
UX Strategy and Notes - Steve Keane
UX Strategy and Notes
Joivy Networking Platform - Steve Keane
Joivy Networking Platform
Joivy Brand & Web - Steve Keane
Joivy Brand and Website
Wislta Brand & Web - Steve Keane
Wistla Brand and Website
Wislta iPhone App - Steve Keane
Wistla Social Discovery App
In The Window™ - Social Platform - Steve Keane
In The Window™ Social Platform
Louis Leeman - Ecommerce Website - Steve Keane
Louis Leeman Ecommerce Website
Reuters Olympics London 2012 iPad App - Steve Keane
Reuters Olympics London 2012
Mpme Radio iPad App - Steve Keane
Mpme Radio iPad App
News Interface - Steve Keane
News Interface
RePost Social Fashion App - Steve Keane
RePost Social Fashion App
Interview App - Steve Keane
Interview App
Ford 3D Cinema - Steve Keane
Ford 3D Cinema
Mulberry's First iPad App - Steve Keane
Mulberry's First iPad App
Reuters Apps - inc BreakingViews & Convene - Steve Keane
Reuters Apps - inc BreakingViews and Convene
BMW Intel - Interactive Table - Steve Keane
BMW Intel Interactive Table
Ford HMI & Dashboards - Steve Keane
Ford HMI & Dashboards
Ford Autoshows - Ford VJ Touch Screen Interactives - Steve Keane
Ford Autoshows, Sound Mixer, VJ, more...
Virgin Active Website - Steve Keane
Web & Virgin Active Website, On Site Screen Displays
UBS Trading Platform - Steve Keane
UBS Trading Platform



Previous Clients/Projects
Virgin Active Website - Steve Keane
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UBS Trading Platform _ Steve Keane