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Vrigin Active Pitch - Web site, App & On Site Screen Displays
At VML, I undertook the challenge of redesigning Virgin Active's website, securing the client through a successful pitch. Collaborating with the creative director, we identified the shortcomings of the previous formal and impersonal design, which failed to effectively communicate the benefits of Virgin Active's services. Research into competitors and as part of a brand refresh were pivotal in revitalising the website's aesthetics. Recognising the importance of online reviews in the fitness industry— 90% of consumers rely on them before visiting a gym. The new design gave a strong first impression, compelling visitors to explore further and engage with the brand in an entertaining manner. This strategic approach aimed to broaden Virgin Active's appeal to a larger demographic, emphasising the importance of a compelling online presence in the fitness sector.

VML - "Most important, is the opportunity to use digital platforms and communications to enhance that customer proposition, delivering digital services within and outside the clubs that connects the customer to the brand, their own data and the wider health and fitness community. Our aim is to make digital a key competitive advantage for Virgin Active within the year."

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Senior UI Designer - Steve Keane